Processes to head off headaches

The Liberty Press File Alterations Form or “Stoplight Sheet” lists the changes our prepress department has made, or that need to be made, to the files you provided in order for us to provide the highest quality print job possible.

The Red “STOP” Section of the form lists items that we feel must be corrected and re-submitted in order to print your job.

The Yellow “CAUTION” Section lists items that if unchanged could hurt your print quality but will remain unchanged if you choose to do nothing about them.

The GREEN “GO” Section lists those items that we were able to fix for you, but that should be fixed in your original files for future printing.
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Liberty Press processes have been refined over many years, and have proven to be extremely effective in helping us deliver quality printing by eliminating headaches before they happen. But even the very best processes need qualified and caring people behind them.

Matt Oldham, Liberty Press's Pre-Press Manager has 23 years of experience at our company, working with our customers as part of their team to deliver award-winning products.
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