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Liberty Press customer Local 360 Media was honored with the prestigious "Gold Book Publisher of the Year" award for 2017 by the Association of Directory Publishers

Their St George Phone Book, printed by Liberty Press, was selected as the "Gold Book Directory of the Year" for 2017 by the ADP

15 of the 21 Excellence in Printing awards for 2017, given in seven different categories by ADP, went to Liberty Press customers

Liberty Press customers have better products. The partnership between Liberty Press and its customers is much more than just a claim. The domination of the awards, given by independent judges and peer group selection to Liberty Press customers, is clear evidence that, together, we deliver superior results. We have a multi-year track record of delivering on our claims: in 2016 the Publisher of the Year was another Liberty Press customer, Action Pages. And Liberty Press customers won 13 of the 18 Excellence in Printing awards that year. In 2015, the Publisher of the Year was Names and Numbers, another Liberty Press customer. And our customers won 11 out of 20 Excellence in Printing awards in 2015. Going back five years, Liberty Press has enabled its publishing partners to win over 75 Gold Book awards. When you join up with Liberty Press, we will create a winning team.
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Liberty Press Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rance Walls, was honored with the ADP Presidents Award for 2017. The President's Award is given for a notable or important contribution to the Yellow Pages industry.

Liberty Press people are industry leaders, with years of experience and know-how. They are recognized by industry associations. In fact Liberty Press is the ONLY 2 time winner of the Presidents Award given by the ADP in its 119 year history. Mark Oldham, President of Liberty Press was honored with the President's Award in 2015.